Lady Death Oblivion Kiss #1 (Naughty Edition Cover)

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Lady Death Oblivion Kiss #1 (Naughty Edition Cover)

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April 19th, 2017
Brian Pulido
Dheeraj Verma
Scott Lewis

To save her beloved steed Vassago from eternal torment, Lady Death is drawn the wasteland City Siduri where lust isn't a sin, it is a way of life. Instead she encounters the demon sorceress DEMONIKA, is put under an ironclad spell and made to be a plaything to be auctioned off to the highest demon bidder. Is all hope lost? C'mon, it's Lady Death! Lady Death: Oblivion Kiss #1 is a 48-page all-new square bound graphic novel that builds on the mythology creator Brian Pulido has began in Chaos Rules #1, Damnation Game #1 and Oblivion Kiss #1.