Black Panther #5

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Black Panther #5

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August 10th, 2016
Ta-Nehisi Coates
Chris Sprouse
Brian Stelfreeze

'A SWORD FOR LIONS' STARTS NOW! Ta-Nehisi Coates is joined by guest artist and modern master Chris Sprouse for the second arc chronicling the final days of the kingdom of Wakanda! As Zenzi and The People poison the citizens of Wakanda against the Black Panther, a cabal of nation-breakers is assembled... With his allies dwindling, T'Challa must rely on his elite secret police, the Hatut Zeraze, and fellow Avenger Eden Fesi, a.k.a. Manifold! Meanwhile, Shuri's spirit journeys through The Djalia...but what awaits her there? Rated T