Legends Of Tomorrow #6

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Legends Of Tomorrow #6

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August 17th, 2016
Gerry Conway
Eduardo Pansica
Brett Booth

METAMORPHO Written by AARON LOPRESTI Art by AARON LOPRESTI and LIVESAY The 'Two Worlds, One Destiny' saga ends here! Metamorpho and an army from the planet Dae Won battle Kanjar Ro and his heinous space pirates for control of the Orb of Ra. If Metamorpho and his faction don't succeed, Kanjar Ro will use the Orb and take the universe for his own! FIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MAN Written by GERRY CONWAY Art by EDUARDO PANSICA and ROB HUNTER Firestorm and Multiplex must go head to head to seize the future of our world as the Quantum Field generator is still unpredictable and begins causing mutated machinery and insects to overrun our reality! SUGAR & SPIKE Written by KEITH GIFFEN Art by BILQUIS EVELY Sugar & Spike have a unique clientele made up of today's A-list superheroes with embarrassing secrets in need of covering up. But our dysfunctional duo's world is about to get even stranger when a team of time-traveling heroes from the 31st century tasks them with an urgent case that promises......